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Video Streaming are trending. In fact, one-third of all consumed content is accounted for videos. Needless to say that pre-produced video content is the next big thing in online marketing. 74% of marketers and small business owners who used videos confirmed direct effect on their company. Cisco Inc. suggests that videos will account for 80% of global internet traffic by the end of 2019.

While the focus is shifting towards pre-produced videos, there is even bigger trend upcoming – live streaming videos.

  • 45% of live video users are ready to pay for live content.
  • 56% of all watched live content accounts for breaking news broadcasts.
  • About 70% of the audience is ready to buy a concert/event ticket after watching it live.
  • More than 75% of the audience is already watching Live videos on Facebook.

What is live streaming app?

Live streaming – is a live broadcast of all actions occurring on a particular computer or game console. It allows thousands of users to watch in real-time what makes an interesting person. Game players are the most frequent users of this technology.

But streaming stands not only for video games. The most popular social media apps as Facebook, Instagram and Periscope launched live streams to allow users to show their activity in real-time. Just imagine that you can virtually visit the show of your favorite rock star by just watching it online on Facebook!

Businesses and customers can also benefit from using a live streaming app. For instance:

  • Online training in fitness club to attract new customers.
  • A paid stream of a culinary class.
  • Connecting with smart devices in your house to look after pets/children/housemaid (using IoT). Add video recording function to keep all the data.

As an example, Sierra Designs (a manufacturer of tents, sleeping bags and outdoor clothing that is located in Boulder, Colorado) has been using live videos for years and this increases its revenue by 200-300% on the day of streaming, according to Cory Barnes, a company’s director of digital marketing.

Who need Live Streaming App

  • Churches
  • Islamic Organisation
  • Online Learning Platform
  • Broadcasting Company
  • Entertainment Company
  • Online Dating Company
  • Online Chat Company
  • NGO
  • News Agency
  • Event Company

Key Features

  • View event and fundraising calendars
  • Book to attend events
  • Photo and video gallery: show the great work you are doing
  • Share on social media
  • Showcase sponsors and supporters
  • Live Streaming
  • Online Sermon
  • Online Store
  • Article Post
  • Accept donations

and many more…

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