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Personal Property Development

Lets take away the stress of handling a building project yourself from scratch, we are here and ready to help you achieve your goal with the help of Professional Building Engineers with over 10 years experience in Construction of Residential Properties such as (Personal Apartment, Villas, Duplex, Bungalows, Story Buildings, Studio Apartment, Estates Apartments, etc) and Industrial Properties, such as (Hospitals, School, Offices, Plazas, Filling Stations, Recreational Centers, Hotels, etc).

We work with your budget and ensure we give you a very standard and unique Properties Projects, handled by team of experts in various fields. Our Interior designs, Exterior designs and Finishing are superb, you will love the way we handle your entire project, with transparent and very cost effective delivery of service.

Example of Bungalow Apartment
Example of Duplex Apartment
Example Villa Apartment

Example 1 Bedroom & Studio Apartment


Residential Properties Development

  1. Studio Apartment
    (Includes: 1 Room, Toilet & Bathroom, Kitchen, Bancholy, Borehole Water)
    BUDGET: N1,500,000 – N2,500,000
  2. Bungalow Apartment
    (Includes: 2 – 3 Room, 1 Living Room, 3 Toilet & Bathroom, 1 Kitchen, 1 Bancholy, Borehole Water, Veranda )
    BUDGET: N5,000,000 – N7,500,000
  3. Story Building Apartment
    BUDGET: N15,000,000 – N35,000,000
  4. Estates Building Apartment
    BUDGET: N125,000,000 – N350,000,000


Do you wish to Start your own Property development Project, please feel free to Reach out to us via any of our Contacts below

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