Dubai Visa Processing (Visit, Tourist, Freelancer & Work Permit)

Dubai Visa Processing Service

Dubai visa is needed for all Nigerians who are seeking greener pastures in the U.A.E and intend to Visit Dubai for Short visit, Tourist, Freelance or working while they are there.

With the massive growth in almost all sectors of the economy, it has created a roller coaster of opportunities for skilled and unskilled employment.

There are certain things you need to know about getting a job or a Dubai work visa which i will explain below.

Working In Dubai

A Profile On What To Expect When Working In Dubai

The following information may be of help in deciding whether you would be interested in a quantity surveying, engineering or project management job based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).


The currency in Dubai is UAE Dirhams.
The lastest exchange rates and currency conversions can be obtained by clicking here

Political/ Religious Climate

Most Emiratis are Sunni Muslims who follow the Maliki or Hanbali schools of Islamic law. The UAE is probably the most liberal country in the Gulf but it is still very conservative by Western standards.

Culture and Leisure

There is a wide range of leisure time activities to keep you occupied in Dubai from legendary shopping experiences, a variety of water sports including sailing, sand skiing, camel rides and desert safaris as well as tennis, golf and other sports which can be played in breath-taking locations.

A standard range of non-alcoholic drinks is widely available; alcohol is only sold in restaurants and bars attached to three-star hotels and above.

Thursday and Friday make up the Dubai weekend. Ramadan, which takes place at a different time each year on the Western calendar, is strictly adhered to throughout the UAE. This means that eating, drinking or smoking in public from sunrise to sunset is frowned upon.


Dubai has high quality accommodation in good supply throughout the city. Most houses/apartments have excellent recreational facilities, satellite television or in-house video and covered car parking. Some residential complexes provide a daily maid service.

Dubai has good public transport but it is no problem to transfer your driving license without a test to a UAE driver’s license. Most makes of vehicle are on sale at affordable prices and the city has a vibrant second-hand market.

There is a comprehensive network of government schools providing free primary and secondary education to UAE nationals. For expatriate families, there are 85 private foreign schools offering a high standard of education to the curriculum requirements of the UK , USA and a number of other countries. English is usually the main teaching language

1. 14 Days Visit Visa (N45,000)
2. 30 Days Visit Visa (N54,000)
3. 90 Days Visa (Multiple Entry) (N350,000)
4. 2 Years Freelance Visa + Resident Permit (N1,600,000)
5. 2 Years Work Visa + Resident Permit + Accommodation + Feeding (N950,000)
6. 96 Hours Visit Visa (N35,000)
7. 30 Days Visa (Multiple Entry) (N198,500)
8. 30 Days Leisure Visa (N125,000)
9. 90 Days Leisure Visa (N185,000)


Requirements for a Dubai Visa.

For a Nigerian to Visit Dubai, s/he will need some of the following documents

  1. Nigerian Passport with some blank Pages (Valid for 6 Months)
  2. Passport Photograph
  3. Police Report
  4. Health Insurance
  5. Medical Report (Free of T.B, HIV, Hepatitis, etc)
  6. Letter from Employer (If Employed)
  7. Letter from Parent or Guardians (If Applied by Parent or Guardians)
  8. CAC (If applying for Freelance Visa)
  9. and any other necessary documents

You should note that majority of the jobs available to work in Dubai for Nigerians are unskilled labour such as, “Construction Workers, Cook, Gardener, Cleaners, Security Guards, Helpers, Maids, etc.

The Dubai work package includes:

  1. Accommodation in Dubai.
  2. Flight ticket.
  3. Two (2) years employment visa.
  4. Medicals.
  5. Job with monthly salary of N140,000 – N350,000.

We usually have very few job openings, therefore the Dubai work visa package is on a first come, first serve basis.

Kindly send  a mail to with subject, “Dubai Visa”. We shall reply your mail with all the details you need.

Please note that we only work with serious minded individuals who are ready to process their visas immediately.

We get lots of mails daily about these work visas so when these slots are purchased, prices also changes for newer. We advise you to act now.


Our mode of payments is Payment After Visa is Ready , but you must Provide Proof of Fund availability by Providing a Post Dated Cheaque, which will be remitted to us by the account Officer once Visa is Out

Got question(s), kindly ask below.

To Start your Visa Processing, kindly Contact our Visa Consultant via the Contact Information below for instant enquiries

WHATSAPP / CALL / SMS US– +2347062940253 / 08025479370

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