Setup Your Own ISP Business With Small Capital in Nigeria

Most People are not that satisfied with their internet service provider (ISP) is nothing new. Upto 38% of home internet users changed service providers for one reason or another in the three years prior to the study. The two main reasons for these changes were:

1. Price of Internet Service provided
2. Performance of Internet Service provided
From slow speeds to extensive downtime and exploitative early termination fees, people do not like feeling beholden to their internet service provider any more than they do their airlines.

Perhaps the fact that there has been a significantly slower adoption of traditional broadband services in recent times is a testament to how much people typically abhor their ISPs across the globe.

A huge world’s population, now use their smartphones as their primary internet source at home. At least over 75% of Nigerians use ONLY their smartphones as their preferred point of access to the internet.

What Does This Mean to the Entrepreneur?

It means there is a considerable gap in the ISP business niche.

If you can find a way to provide people with high-speed internet and reliable, affordable broadband, there is a huge market out there ready for the taking.

As price and performance are the two main complaints — if you can sort these issues out for people, then you can capture that market.

To start your own ISP Business, you have to start thinking of how you can start small to offer an Internet service to the Large chunk of People who uses more of there Mobile Device to access Internet, since there are more population of People in this segment. Your Target Market will be more of

1. Business Owners
2. Mobile Internet Users
3. Institutions
4. Homes
5. Estates
and lots more

According to Searchmobilecomputing. A wireless Internet service provider (WISP) is an Internet service provider (ISP) that allows subscribers to connect to a server at designated hot spots (access points) using a wireless connection such as Wi-Fi. This type of ISP offers broadband service and allows subscriber computers, called stations, to access the Internet and the Web from anywhere within the zone of coverage provided by the server antenna. This is usually a region with a radius of several kilometers.


kindly see below our WISP Business Setup Consultation Service Package from start to Finish.

Stage 1: Development of a Comprehensive Business Plan based on your Budget, which will Cover the following

Duration: 3days

1. Setup Plan (Required Resources to setup Business)

2. Implementation & Work Plan (Task & Project Management system)

3. Marketing, Sales Funnel & Distribution Plan (This include the demographics on how to sell your service and Market research)

4. Expected Forecast for 1st year

4. Operation

N.B: After Completion of your Business Plan, we will need to review the plan together and make any necessary amendment to suite your initial plan.

Stage 2: Signing of Business Setup Consulting Contract
Duration: 24hrs

You will need to go through our process of Business Setup Consulting Contractual agreement, before we proceed to the next Stage.

Stage 3: Commence Site Survey Process
Duration: 5 Days

This includes the Survey and locations of Coverage Areas, Business setup Area, Distribution Channels, Sales Channels, Service Providers and lots more

Stage 4: Commence Business Incorporation & Licence

Duration: Express (10 – 14days) ,  Slow(45 – 60days)

This Include the registration of the Business with CAC and Processing necessary Licence from regulatory bodies (NCC)

N.B: You will pay the regulatory bodies for the licence cost directly, we will assist with the entire licencing process

Stage 5: Commence Implementation of Setup using the Work Plan via (Task & Project Management System)

Duration: 10 – 30days

Stage 6: Identify Marketing Providers and Commence Marketing
Duration: 5 – 20days

Stage 7: Distribution of Service

Stage 8: Business Consulting Service Contract (Optional)

Stage 10: Expand Distribution Network and Expansion Plan


Consultation Installment Payment Plan

1st Installment: 30% (Paid before Startup)

2nd Installment:30% (Paid before we commence site survey)

3rd Installment: 40% (Paid After Setup Completion)

Kindly Proceed and Pay to Our Corresponding Bank

Account No: 0240965982,

Bank: GTB

Account Name: Guage Concepts Technologies

After Payment, please do Contact us here or reach us on any of our Corporate Contact details below
Telephone: +2349081844811
Whatsapp: +2347062940253

The consultation service includes the following

–WISP Business Plan

–Consultation service for the entire WISP Busines Setup from start to Finish

–Assistance in Equipment and general WISP Business setup resources

–Support in Management of Manpower

–Support in entire implementation process using Agile Project management Methodology

–Marketing Support

–Service Distribution support

–Site Survey

The consultation service doesn’t includes the following

–WISP Business Setup Infrastructures cost

–Licencing and Incorporation Fee

–ISP Subscription fee

–WISP Business Management Consultation Contract (we go into separate Contractual agreement after business commence operation)

Kindly let me know if we need to Hop on a call via Zoom or Whatsapp Call, if you need to discuss more or clarify the Business setup Plan.

Telephone: +2349081844811
Whatsapp: +2347062940253

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