Nigerian Personal Property Investment – 30% in 2 Months

Invest in Nigerian Property and Earn upto 30% Profit within 2 Months of Investment

We have team of Group of Property Investment Experts, who knows the best choice in Properties to Buy to earn Massive Returns in a very short Period. We have vast experience in Properties Investment, so you are assured of gaining quich and high returns on your Investment Capital.

We have 100% Guaranty and assurance that you wont lose your Investment Capital, imagine you invest N5,000,000 on a Property and within 2 Months you realize N6,500,000, our Investment Portfolio Management service is very realistic and we don’t just take Unrealistic risk with our Clients Capital, you will be happy Investing with us.

Our Properties Investment Types

  • Land Property Investment
  • Apartment Property Investment
  • Villa Property Investment
  • Shop Property Investment
  • Office Space Property Investment
  • Warehouse Property Investment
  • Plazas / Complex Property Investment

Our Properties Investment Packages

  • BASIC PROPERTY INVESTMENT (N200,000 – N750,000)
  • CLASSIC PROPERTY INVESTMENT (N1,000,000 – N10,000,000)
  • ULTIMATE PROPERTY INVESTMENT (N15,000,000 – N50,000,000)
  • MEGA PROPERTY INVESTMENT (N55,000,000 – N100,000,000)
  • UNLIMITED PROPERTY INVESTMENT (N150,000,000 – N1,000,000,000)

One-Off Property Investment

Do you just want to make a quick Returns with your Capital? then this kind of Property Investment is good for you, you will earn upto 30% of your Investment Capital within 2 Months, which means within 2 Months we will help you Invest in a Property and also Sell it to generate your Returns within the stipulated Investment Maturity Period.

INVEST N10,000,000 + 30% ROI = N13,000,000 (WITHIN 2 MONTHS)

Automated Property Re-investment

Do you want to keep turning your Investment Capital Over every 2 Months, to keep generating Multiple Returns, then this kind of Investment is very good, you will be earning 30% on your Investment Capital every 2 Months, Imagine you invest N10,000,000 and you earn N13,000,000 after 2 Months, we will help you Re-invest the N13,000,000 again to earn N16,900,000. This sound very good and interesting

INVEST N10,000,000 + 30% ROI = N13,000,000 (WITHIN 2 MONTHS)

INVEST N13,000,000 + 30% ROI = N16,900,000 (WITHIN 4 MONTHS)

100% Investment Capital Refund Assurance

Are you scared of Losing your Capital, relax your Mind right now, because we ensure all our Investors are insured before we Purchase any Properties for our Investors. We give you 100% assurance of Investment Refund within 1 Month, if you decide to cancel Purchase of Property, probably you need your fund for something else or decide to go for another Investment.
N:B This only applies to Automated Property Re-Investment Service

Are you ready to Start your Property Investment ?

To get started kindly Reach us via our Contact details below or Click here to send us an Enquiry Message

WHATSAPP / CALL / SMS US– +2347062940253 / 08025479370

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